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December 20th, 2009
iPhone 3GS

I just up and bought it as I was tired of the limitations of my pay as you go phone which I got temporarily over two years ago and my mom was too as she couldn’t leave very long or very many voice mails.

I went with Bell, they are after all the largest corporate sponsor of Building Opportunities with Business.

In 2010 I’ll probably have to get a new job, which is why I was reluctant to sign any contracts, but my monthly charge is only $65 and I spent about 50 dollars on my pay as you go Telus phone. Most of those dollars went to long distance calls to my family on Vancouver Island. Now I can put my mom, grandmothers, and sister in some free five number list and I can make unlimited calls to them.

I get one gig of transfer a month and that should be fine. I now I have to learn the intricacies of syncing it with two Macs, one for my music and another for everything else.

I spent a lot of money upgrading my older macs and even my old iPod, only to not be able to run the latest version of OS X and lots of iPod software so now my newest Apple Device is this iPhone which I’ll have to name and sync real soon, so my years of cataloging my music can be transferred to it. My work Blackberry is a substandard music playback device compared to the iPod/iTunes combo. Even with extra software it still doesn’t work with my Mac too well and it forgets it has a memory card sometimes, the zoom in the camera almost never works.

Hopefully the iPhone is a big step up, it’ll probably make Brian jealous but if you want an electronic do-dad you have to buy it yourself, not get it free from your non-profit employer.

Now as a result I’ll probably get the IDE as I was an honest to goodness Objective-C programmer for close to two years. And I’ll also probably write a WordPress plugin too, just to prove I can.

Apparently I could. Though I still have not managed to profit from all my efforts. I have since bought other iPhones, I currently have a Chinese iPhone SE which doesn’t even work outside of China. I’m once again updating old blog posts and trying to find yet another new job so if you have any advice you can leave a comment below.


  • Muskie says:

    So I ordered a Sonnet USB 2.0 PCI card from Other World Computing. I also put my iPhone 3GS in my JBL On Stage 200ID, it complained just like my old iPod third generation dock that it wasn't approved. However it seems to charge and plays music, when I got a call, the music stopped and it rang fine. I used the iPhone insert and that seemed to improve the sound, I guess it was not as snug connection before. My third edition iPod I put in its own dock and then use line in to connect to the JBL speaker system as it too doesn't agree with the JBL On Stage 200ID.

  • Muskie says:

    I just learned that the iPhone, especially the iPhone 3GS isn’t compatiable with my old iPod Dock, nor can it even use Firewire. It needs to be connected directly to my Old G4, ie not through a USB Hub just like my iPod Shuffle which is a second generation green metallic one.

    Adding 1400 songs via USB 1 is slow. I can either invest in a USB 2 PCI card for my G4 or find some sort of Dock that will charge and sync a third generation iPod and and the latest iPhone.

    I had the same problem at work with my JBL speaker/dock. It doesn’t work quite right with my 3G iPod so I took my spare less defective Dock to work and then send the audio to the JBL speakers via mini-jack.

  • Muskie says:

    While learning more about syncing my iPhone and looking up case options on iLounge I discovered they have Civilization or at least a Civilization clone on the iPhone. That will be a must have.

    Of course it takes more than a bus ride to play a game of Civilization, I’ll have to look at some productivity type apps too. One of the first things I buy and I almost bought it today to play on my mom’s Mac Mini, when I upgrade my computer, is Civilization IV. I still wish Alpha Centauri would run on OS X, MOO 2, too.

    They kinda work in emulation, but they are a bit flaky, not that I have time for games, I haven’t touched my Wii in a month, it’ll get more use now that the CFA is out of the way for a while.

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