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March 24th, 2010

Over the last week or so I’ve been building and converting several models. Originally I was just going to build three tester figs, but decided to build the two fun models, then yet another Plaguemarine Champion which may figure into my Astronomi-con Vancouver army.

The two HQ choices were definitely converted for Astro Van.

Testing out paint schemes and techniques on lesser models is a good idea. I use Nurglings and Plaguebearers often, but there is no substitute for authenticity. I’m using the guardsmen more for size and to test a World War One Canadian army colors, but I had to dig into the bits box for enough bits to make a guardsmen. I used a mix of Cadian and rambo guard bits. The Gretchin is for the Waaaggh paint a Grot competition which I hope to crank out before switching my focus to terrain tiles.

Converted Models

Test models

The Plaguemarine Champion is for Syphilis, I thought I’d finished that squad off, but lately I’ve been re-evaluating the plasma pistol as an option for champions, with the supposed addition of more monstrous creatures due to changes to the ‘meta game’, but also because they are good at killing marines and even termies. This model uses the resin torsos from Forgeworld, but the legs might be from the Havoc box set. The arms are from the assault marines and Marauders boxes respectively.

Plaguemarine Champion with Plasma Pistol

The bezerker is the test figure for the Chaos Lord. I have a scheme in mind, that is half Khorne, half Nefarious Fire. I used to be pretty good at painting red, but my old pot of Blood Red has dried out and has been retired, so I’m unsure exactly how I’m going to get the red I want. I want a dark, non-orange, red. I have a new pot of Blood Red, plus I plan to use the new washes.

Now the two hopefully show stopping models. The first is a Khorne Chaos Lord based on the special character model released by Forgeworld. The idea came when I noticed Lords could have chainfists, but no one does it. So I decided five, strength eight attacks, on the charge would be not too shabby. However the downside of the chainfist is striking last, so I made him a little buddy.

My DIY sorcerer I’m quite proud of. I knew exactly which bits I was going to use for the lord. But when I decided to make the sorcerer from bits, all I knew was I’d use a Dark Angels veteran body for the base. I ended up using a head from the Terminator Chaos Lord kit, though I tried a wide variety. The flaming arm is from the possessed and the sword arm is old CSM biker bits. I had a Chaos Sorcerer backpack which I got at a Grand Tournament back when GW sold individual bits, it was just a matter of some shoulder pads, and a few little bits and a base from Dragonforge.

The lord’s base is from Scibor, but I wanted to use another Polish supplier but I got impatient.
Khorne Bezerker
Khorne Terminator Lord
DIY Sorcerer

Painted Models

IG in WW1 Canadian colors

OOP Metal Bloodletter

Primered Black Gretchin

Khorne Bezerker test model

Purple Plague Marine Champion

Lefty Sorcerer of Slaneesh

Da Kan Opena

Someone started passing this around on Facebook today (February 12th, 2012) and I was curious as to what made this post so special. I haven’t built or painted any models recently due to being unemployed and having all my miniatures and gaming stuff in storage. I did however finish painting all these models. They all appear on Flickr and my miniature painting blog.

I also was clever enough to put the finished model pictures inline, Flickr has even fancier includes which look cool but perhaps do not pin so well. Folks who enjoy this post should check out my painted miniature pinboard. I hope I can get back to this hobby in 2016 but it is hard as right now I’m living and working in Shanghai.

Now I’ve returned to Canada but my miniatures and paints have been in storage so long I’ve forgotten how to play and maybe even how to paint. I also fear my paints have hardened or dried out, I just can’t seem to find a good job in Vancouver or anywhere nearby. If you are looking for a gaming buddy I’m definitely looking for a job. I’m also updating old blog posts trying to make this blog better, apparently spammers liked this post a lot.

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