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Started Terrain Project

April 9th, 2010
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It didn’t go well, the guy at Home Depot who cut my foam, got progressively worse, and to compound things, my foam cutter can’t cut 12 inches, I need one of the hot knife style ones I guess. So despite buying squares and using perfect 12*12 backing boards, my first two terrain tiles have some poor cuts.

I made the inside trench four inches wide instead of three because, it makes them more playable. I plan to put wood lining in all the trenches so that will make them slightly smaller, plus detail bits and firing positions will make them smaller. I wanted them big enough so terminator/nob bases would fit, at least mostly, but dreads, I don’t want dreads fitting into my trenches.

2 pink foam WIP terrain tiles

I also cleaned and sanded a bunch of resin. Got to use my Dremel some, but also exacto knife and sand paper. All and all not a very productive day, but I’m started. Tomorrow I will be painting things black, then adding details, then painting things black again. I’m going to make a couple tiles at a time. I need to make 24 in total to have the table done by Astronomi-con Vancouver.

I eventually started a dedicated miniature painting blog. I even finished a couple of terrain tiles then my life got worse. My miniatures, paints, models, and hobby supplies have been in storage so long I wonder if I remember how to paint. I sacrificed years of my life to studying for the CFA® exams. I managed to pass them all but I still have not gotten a new job let alone the high paying jobs you read about online. If you have a lead on a job or thoughts on my now possible never to be finished terrain project you can leave it below.

Most of the resin terrain I bought for this project

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