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Who is Fussbett Sanitario?

May 6th, 2012

And why do he and his buddies over at find this acceptable online behaviour? Until this week I’d never bothered to read or really look into who was running the website and why the hell they think they are so damn clever and superior to the rest of us lesser Internet users. Fussbett Sanitario seems particularly proud of his long association with and is overly enamored with with the sound of his fingers hitting the keyboard. He’s also very attached to his online Internet handle and continually uses it or variants. He and his buddies also play online video games and chat using AOL Instant Messenger of all things. Using my renewed annoyance at Mr. Sanitario and his pals over at Caltrops, last night I did some investigating.

Caltrops is Robb Sherwin is proudly run by Robb Sherwin. His latest clever online Internet handle is Icecreamjonsey. He has the matching Twitter account and another website just in case he wants to distance himself from Caltrops when it is inconvenient, it’s called Jolt Country. Mr. Sherwin not only enjoys video games, he’s started making them. He finds Fussbett particularly amusing and has no qualms operating where Fussbett and pals can engage in their own personal brand of online fun, such as picking on the mentally ill. Mr. Sherwin’s latest, greatest game is called Cryptozookeeper.

They game on Steam

But enough about Robb, the enabler, lets return to our protagonist Fussbett Sanitario, the writer. Well he fancies himself some sort of writer, he types, and types over at, explaining such useful facts as how he arrived at his AIM account name: Sanitario666. He’s been using variations for a long time. On Steam his account is Fussbett. All the Caltrops regulars have formed a group on Steam which includes the following handles:

  • Jso, killer of zonbey goasts
  • Clever Hans
  • Dr. M. Von Katze, PhDD
  • Francesca Lucchini
  • Jackie Treehorn
  • Jhoh (a tauren)
  • Lizard_King
  • McMoo
  • Moop
  • naknak
  • Parkraz
  • The Happiness Engine
  • ToutSuite
  • Worm

They game on Xbox

Of these Jhoh is the one to note. There is however, more to online gaming than just Steam. Over on Mr. Sanitario uses the account FSBT. Apparently he is the 7,829,974 best Street Fighter player in world. More importantly he can use this account to compete with his buddies for bragging rights. His best buddies are:

  • Cable Bruddas
  • Worm4Real
  • Sun El
  • McMoo tadc
  • Shecky Kilowitz

They distain Playstation

What about the Sony Playstation, apparently Fussbett is an Xbox man, superior platform don’t you know. I’m sure someone can cross match the five Xbox handles with a corresponding Steam account. I’ll help you out, Cable Bruddas is Jhoh aka Jhoh Cable aka @jhohcable on Twitter. Although he obviously spends a lot of time on Caltrops, Xbox, and Steam, I’m not sure Jhoh is considered as ‘cool’ or ‘witty’ as Fussbett. He is less anonymous, he had his own website.

Fussbett uses Photobucket

Fussbett Sanitario playing SSFIV on a Sony TV

Lets get back to Fussbett, he likes to see his name in print on a computer screen. In addition to typing he also takes screenshots and posts them online using Photobucket. Using the URL for these photos you could see where besides they have been posted… Fussbett is way too cool to use a Play Station 3, but apparently he’ll use other Sony products. If you’re starting to think Mr. Sanitario is a bit of a hypocrite in addition to being an asshole, well you’re entitled to your opinion.  

They use Social Media

Although Fussbett Sanitario may fancy himself the sharpest knife in the drawer over at and maybe compared to his peers he possess a certain low cunning. It was easy for instance to find out that Jhoh Cable lives in Garden City, Michigan and now enjoys Tumblogging. He and Fussbett used to be friends on MySpace, I guess back when it was cool. But MySpace was never as cool as AOL Instant Messenger. JHOH Cable, Sanitario666, and Zsenijeim use AOL Instant Messenger to chat about how awesome they are at video games I guess and how clever everyone is who posts on Caltrops. Zsenijeim is the AIM account for the person who decided I was a shiny new psycho that all the folks on should pick on five years ago. Hi Zseni, sorry I neglected to mention you for seven whole paragraphs but your AIM buddy Fussbett Sanitario posts more frequently. Zseni’s claim to fame seems to be having the 2nd account banned on, congrats on that, you can tell your grandkids.

Fussbett Sanitario is…

I wasted time last night finding this information out and then I decided to type up some of what I discovered to see if the data would be useful to others. I did consider other options. Back when I used to work in the Downtown Eastside, one of my coworkers showed me that was what she used to do background checks. Pipl seems to think Fussbett Sanitario is Fred Pendleton of Toronto Ontario Canada. I’m not 100% sure. Fussbett does say he lives in Toronto multiple times on Caltrops, his whole family lives in Toronto. I wonder if they know he’s such an asshole online?

Fussbett and his whole family live in Toronto, Ontario Canada

Fred Pendleton of Toronto Ontario, Canada

Being Fred Pendleton is more likely than Fussbett’s original claim of being Wagner James Au. Fred’s Facebook account has the privacy settings cranked way higher than Fussbett’s MySpace friend jhoh.cable. I’m not sure how works but supposedly it takes various data points, like the ones I’ve mentioned and connects the dots algorithmically. Fussbett’s MySpace profile lists him as being from Canada, probably verified using an IP address lookup, and lists his age being the same as Fred Pendleton’s Facebook page. Fussbett on Steam and FSBT on Xbox are also listed as being from Canada, again the video game companies probably used IP addresses to determine this, remember forum members are all wicked cool online video gamers. So is Fussbett Sanitario, Fred Pendleton of Toronto, Ontario, Canada? Fussbett does talk about his age on Caltrops, Fussbett just posts way too much online to remain completely anonymous.

Fussbett has 9 followers on YouTube

I neglected to mention previously he has a YouTube account. I also learned I wasn’t even the first blogger with mental health problems the folks over at Caltrops decided to belittle. Apparently being an asshole online is something Fussbett and the rest of Caltrops have enjoyed for years. Apparently when you hide behind a handle and a keyboard you grow a pair of balls you don’t have in real life.


I ignored the folks over at for years, I put up with a lot of abuse from a lot of people, if it wasn’t for web analytics and Fussbett Sanitario’s inability to shut up, I wouldn’t have written about him and I would have slept better the last few evenings. I’ve tried hard to put my problems behind me and now that my mental health has improved I’m better able to apply myself, I’d prefer not to use my time tracking down the identities of people who enjoy tormenting others online. I hadn’t intended to use my valuable time trying to educate some people on ethical human behaviour, however my tolerance for abuse and Internet bullshit is considerably less than it used to be. Perhaps I’ll have to expend yet more time and effort letting Robb Sherwin know that isn’t making the Internet a better place and years of posting offensive and hurtful comments using the exact same Internet handle will likely catch up to some people.

Fussbett Sanitario is no Keyser Söze.

Fussbett Sanitario and his bud Jsoh Cable discuss Caltrops

Some of the links above may no longer work after all these years and some of the privacy settings may have become cranked but I’m not sure the folks at Caltrops learned much. But maybe now that it is 2021 and there is a post insurrection social media reckoning, people will see I was ahead of the curve in preserving for posterity what assholes said online thinking their was no consequences to their words.

My MBA classmates didn’t learn quickly either that I was not kidding and my continued existence and the sacrifices I’ve made to survive and keep this blog online has probably lead to more than a few people changing their online handles and URLs but it hasn’t stopped people from behaving atrociously online as the Trump presidency as amply demonstrated.


As many problems as I’ve had, others have had it far worse. Cyberbullying and hiding behind Internet handles is in the news too often. Even the phrase doxxing has popped up which reminded me of this investigation. I wasn’t a teenage girl. I didn’t kill myself. I never frequented reddit.

I’m not claiming to be a Saint, I’ve regretted words and actions, I’ve apologized, but some people just don’t seem to be able to tell right from wrong. They won’t stop until there are consequences to their actions. The answer isn’t always laywers and police, surely what is good for the goose is good for the gander.

Having been a target for abuse, having battled depression, having had to suffer and lose too much, I have empathy. I hope some people’s identities do get exposed and they face the consequences of their actions, rather than just hiding behind cowardly Internet handles and cries of free speech.

I don’t know why sites like Facebook and Reddit and the corporations behind them don’t act more pro-actively to stop behaviour like this. But in 2021 things finally came to a head in the US, with Twitter banning @RealDonaldTrump and many of his followers. I also wonder why parents or teachers aren’t more active in the cases involving minors making questionable choices online. I don’t know why more people aren’t taught about the Angie Varona’s of the world and the dangers of electronic communication. I’m saddened by the news of Amanda Todd’s death and wonder how things could be allowed to go so far wrong.

Violentacrez is Michael Brutsch

I wonder if Adrian Chen used a similar process and tools as I did when I looked more closely into the activities of Robb Sherwin and Fred Pendleton. Michael Brutsch ended up losing his job when his identity was exposed.

Adrian Chen did in fact not deduce Violentacrez’s identity from publicly available information, but instead was told who he was. I had to invest considerable time and effort finding out who Robb Sherwin and Fred Pendleton pretend to be while they are online harassing complete strangers.

Haunter & Todding

Apparently picking on the mentally ill even after they are dead is considered fun by folks online. Haunter who was stupid enough to grant an interview with the Vancouver Sun about why he trolls, decided to use Amanda Todd’s death to increase traffic to his Facebook page. Someone dies and your first thought is how can I use this to increase traffic to my Facebook page? Who is more mentally ill? 

Michael Brutsch was worried about his job when his online activity became know. Haunter, who describes himself as an IT student, does Haunter think being an asshole online will make him more attractive to future employers? Perhaps he should ask Kody Maxson aka kody1206, the alleged primary tormentor of Amanda Todd online what it feels like to be outed? The justice system moves slow, but I don’t think Kody or Michael will have much anonymity online or even offline now.

The Amanda Todd story doesn’t seem to end and there doesn’t seem to be an end to the list of people who think it is cool or fun to ‘stir the pot’ or however they want to justify their behaviour online.

Haunter’s Facebook group and many others like it that assaulted Amanda Todd’s reputation and death have since been removed.

DoS begets Swatting

Apparently another group of elite online gamers calling themselves “Team Hype” was upset at a journalist writing about a website they used to rip off XBox accounts. So one of their members Phobia also known as Ryan Stevenson allegedly sent a denial of service attack to ArsTechnica and the blog of Brian Krebs. Unfortunately for the elite gamer/hackers they weren’t as clever as they thought. After sending a SWAT team to the home of the journalist, they appear to have taken down their Twitter accounts, YouTube accounts, and the rest of their online identities in fear of getting ‘doxed’ not to mention arrested.

The Police Are Not Amused

People like Phobia and Fussbett Sanitario or Ryan Stevenson and Fred Pendleton as they may well be known to the police seem to think the people they are harassing and disparaging online are powerless to stop them and incapable of using Google, or looking at server logs, or that they don’t have friends they can call not to mention law enforcement officials.

Why are gamers so maladjusted today?

It is sad I had to write this post in the first place, it is even sadder I have to keep updating it, but for too long poor and downright illegal behaviour was accepted in the online gaming community. I personally don’t have time for bullshit and assholes online or offline, I ex-communicate them from my life, but some folks still don’t grasp that what they say and do online has real world repercussions, especially when what they say and do online is hurl abuse at random strangers from behind stupid Internet handles.

I still like gaming, but who you play against matters. In the real world, I just don’t play with assholes, but online in these huge game worlds you are matched up with a random opponent in most PVP games. It is not my scene, but people in that scene seem to have nothing better to do than play games online and act immature if not downright abusive. Hopefully this latest batch of gamers which had their real names found out and can properly enjoy forever the infamy they so desperately desire.

Trolling for Trump

Trolling continues to be all too popular online, as does hurling threats and abuse at people you disagree with. Americans seem to excel at this misbehaviour led by their current president Donald J. Trump. And in January 2021 it spilled out into the streets resulting in several deaths. It was all fun and games for trolls and anonymous Internet assholes until someone takes the time to figure out who they are in the real world, the latest person to learn this used the clever Internet handle HanAssholeSolo. He was only too happy to have his trolling tweeted by the president until CNN contacted him and asked him why?

He had the following to say:

To people who troll on the Internet for fun, consider your words and actions conveyed in your message and who it might upset or anger. Put yourself in their shoes before you post it. If you have a problem with trolling it is an addiction just like any other addiction someone can have to something and don’t be embarrassed to ask for help. Trolling is nothing more than bullying a wide audience. Don’t feed your own self-worth based upon inflicting suffering upon others online just because you are behind a keyboard.

Apparently CNN chose not to publish his real name, but did reveal he is an adult male and not a teenager. Of course Donald Trump Jr. was recently described as a good kid by folks in Washington even though he is 39. Having been the target of online harassment and having had my life basically ruined by threats and allegations, I have little sympathy for people who torment others for fun.

The Insurrection Organized on Social Media

Although it happened eleven days ago, I’ve ended up updating this post because Fred Pendleton and Robb Sherwin and all the rest of the people mentioned so far along with all those who rioted and were identified by social media in Vancouver didn’t seem to serve as a warning to those that decided to organize a march if not a full on insurrection on social media and live stream it.

I spent way to much time doom scrolling especially the story of Jenna Ryan from Texas, but she is not the most infamous insurrectionist, and as investigations continue and the money and social media trail is followed a lot of posts may come back to haunt people. If more people of good conscience had acted sooner, so much could have been avoided. This time a lot of people may go to jail and the silly internet handles they thought they were hiding behind won’t save them.

Bad Behaviour Online is the New Normal

I wonder if the online gaming community is proud they tolerated such appalling behaviour for so long? Were their jollies worth literally killing people? I know Casey Viner and Shane Gaskell eventually pleaded guilty to swatting. When you spend as much time online as so-called elite online gamers do and you live stream and Tweet it isn’t hard to tie a person to their online words and actions, something the insurrectionists learned in real time. Julian Assange and many, many more may find this out in the coming years as trolling and bad behaviour online has reached the world stage with government backed actors.

If you have any thoughts on Robb Sherwin, Fred Pendleton, doxing, or bad behaviour online leading to real world consequences you can leave a comment below. A $1.50 bet is apparently big stakes when you’re an elite online gamer and thus worth going to jail over.

In 2022 a new groups of people tried the same tactics as the folks over at Caltrops. Perhaps I handled it better, perhaps I did not because I still ended up editing a lot of old blog postings and deleting yet more. The passage of 17 years has dulled the pain but I still suffer panic attacks something I never had to deal with prior to March 17th 2005. And my mental health was definitely not helped by social media or “the online gaming community” and I don’t know why you’re want to run a website like Caltrops or Kiwi Farms.


  • Muskie says:

    Amazingly the folks over at Caltrops are still talking about me… I’m not sure what they are saying, but I’m pretty sure Michael Brutsch can enlighten Robb Sherwin and Fred Pendleton that taking pride in being an asshole online can eventually catch up with you and have real world consequences. I haven’t forgotten what these people said or the pain and distress they caused me. Maybe in the coming months I’ll use my Klout to make them more well known as they seem incapable of grasping the fact their attention and website are not a positive addition to the Internet let alone my life.

  • Jhoh Cable says:

    Hey could you link to my webcomic too?  Thanks in advance!
    Also this one:

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