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Coronavirus Continues Kinda

August 29th, 2021
Packed Dishware

Twenty twenty-one has continued, the virus is supposedly in a fourth wave but deaths are not evenly distributed, not in my city, not in my province, not on my continent and not throughout the world. A lot has happened in 2021 but I’ve not chosen to blog again until now.

Why haven’t I blogged, well not much happened in my life personally. I worked, I watched TV, I played video games, I generally was even more anti-social than usual and of course that is what your were supposed to do during the time of the coronavirus.

What has changed?

Well I moved, I finally got off my one year contract merry-go-round and shortly after that I bought a new (to me) condo in Calgary’s Beltline. The first thing may have gone wrong with a breaker or circuit in the ensuite failing. That wasn’t why I wanted to blog though. It was building some more flat-pack furniture that finally may have sparked my interest in blogging again.

Moving Truck

I was going to blog about Sid Meier’s Civilization again and I still might, I have plenty of screenshots for that post. I also moved from iTunes Match to Apple Music and I plan a post on that next. I even already updated my miniature painting blog as two weekends in a row I’ve bought models. Now I just need to buy a new painting desk and maybe I’ll finally get my mojo back.

Lots of things I haven’t been doing during the coronavirus such as exercising. I actually hurt my back and leg moving. They are old injuries but they are worse than ever and I may be fatter than ever, but I’m afraid to weigh myself. So I will try to get back into a routine of exercising, reading, playing games with friends, and painting. But I may have to cough up for my first home repairs.

I was pretty lucky during Covid, I stayed employed, I saved money, none of my close family or friends got sick, but sacrifices were made. I finally saw my family a few weeks ago and may actually fly home for Thanksgiving and definitely for Christmas. My sister also wants me to resume blogging, because she sent me a link to an abandoned blog just today, and she has a story to share. This blog isn’t abandoned, it’s just that life was very monotonous there for a while, if your life has gone from monotony to something resembling a new coronavirus normalcy you can leave a comment below.


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    • Muskie says:

      Good luck I guess.

      Your comment confuses me because I didn’t write about Tesla the car company, maybe never, certainly not in conjunction with Covid-19. Has the pandemic increased electric car sales? Normally I would have thought this was spam and it may well be, but you have no link to anything. I certainly am not trying to rank for Tesla cars or sport utility vehicles so I’m not sure why you would target my blog. Anyway I wish you good luck, people have left stranger comments. Don’t try to take advantage of my goodwill though.

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