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Ten Useful Blog Postings

May 17th, 2011
Rock On!

On this blog there is a lot of crap. On most blogs there is a lot of crap. However in the many years I’ve been blogging I have posted information and advice people have actually found useful.  Every now and then someone finds something I wrote a year or more ago in Google and thanks me. Sometimes I even write more on that subject or add additional updated advice or information in the comments section.

Top 10 Useful Blog Postings

  1. Spreadsheets I made you can steal (use) remains a popular post.
  2. My advice to CFA® students seems more popular than my advice to MBA students nowadays.
  3. Moving to Vancouver and Finding a job, I wrote this to help someone, I’m not sure they ended up moving to Vancouver, but this post helped a number of people and was popular on LinkedIn for a while.
  4. I’ve written a lot about looking for a job online and collected the best of that advice into a single post.
  5. I collected the best of my online writing advice into it’s own Top 10 style collection.
  6. My account of visiting Baidu and my thoughts on their technology and business strategy was one of the first Internet famous things I blogged about.
  7. I’d like to think all the time and effort I put into making web mashups with PHP and then giving away most of the code was of use to someone.
  8. I’ve actually written way too much PHP and then given it away such as how to merge RSS feeds with SimplePie.
  9. Ditto for all the work I put in stopping hotlinkers from stealing all my bandwidth.  This post was recently commented on, and it’s utility sparked this post and collection.
  10. After the inaugural Web Directions North, I turned my resume into an hResume.  Not sure it impressed anyone at Google, though other people have followed my lead or used my template.

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