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Stop me if you’ve heard this one before…

January 12th, 2012
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Apparently yesterday while I was at a job interview or on the ferry or otherwise not online, Google made a major change to their search engine algorithm. They call it Search plus Your World which is a pretty lame name. People have already reduced it to an acronym SPYW or as I like to read it “Spy W”. This change was clearly in the works, something anyone who has been observing the evolution of search engines for even a few years, could have seen coming. Chicken Littles are once again out in full force. It certainly has generated a lot of Tweets and link sharing. Plus a lot of screen shots of Google search results.

I’ve actually been experimenting with search engines since my days as an undergrad computer science student. There was no Google back then, the first big search engine was AltaVista. Now there is mainly just Google. Microsoft recently became the number two search engine in North America further rendering Yahoo irrelevant. It isn’t the other search engines that are complaining, nope it is is the other social networks and social sharing servicesThey now see themselves at a big disadvantage and maybe they are. Google search results for keyword Nurgle

It could be because redirects me to or it could be because I hardly use Google+ or it could be because my go to keyword search term that I’ve been monitoring for over a decade is “Nurgle”, but I don’t see much to get upset about or indeed much of a change at all for a keyword term I have monitored for an extended period of time. Trending terms and stupid/cute/funny pictures will more likely see their results drastically change. SEO folks will try to game the new algorithm to get you to stay at their hotel in Bangkok. Travel and other recommendations is one of the areas people expect to see improvements in their personalized search results, that and apparently when looking for pictures of your dog.

I’m sorry if I want to find a picture of the family pet I don’t Google it.

Below are more links where people generally object to the changes Google has made.  Apparently the big losers are Twitter and Yelp and probably other niche social networks.


More news from the Official Google Webmaster Central Blog of yet another change to Google’s search results and algorithm. Will this result in more people using Bing or will people just shrug? Will anyone even notice with SOPA/PIPA protests, the US Election, NFL playoffs, pipeline disputes, and winter storms?  It is hard for me to get upset or excited about these minor changes to Google’s algorithm. I don’t have any advertisements on my website, let alone so many that the actual content gets pushed below the fold, requiring users to scroll to find the information they searched for. Of course given some of the crap I’ve written about, it is obvious I just don’t know what to say or do anymore. Google algorithm changes just don’t seem very important in the grand scheme of things, but I’m confident a bunch of people will leave nasty comments on Google’s blog none the less. Some people enjoy being nasty.

Update 2

Bing, Microsoft’s search engine, made available one of their top brains to respond to Google’s socializing of their search results. Plus the passage of time has allowed people like Andy Betts to write lengthy pieces on how search engine optimization has changed and what is in store for SEO types in 2012, complete with many triangle shaped diagrams.

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