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SEO is not a 4 letter word

April 28th, 2011
SEO word map

SEO is apparently not dead, even though it appears you might actually have to think and take a long term view rather than just keyword stuff your way to higher rankings. Google has also flipped the script by forcing authors to use Google+ and Webmaster Tools to claim their posts, blogs, and domains. All this claiming has lead to a lot of backlinks being pointed at which surely helps them and the author’s profile on Google+ do better in Google’s own search results.

Seems like Google is benefitting from the search engine tactics they used to decry.

Why SEO?

So why am I writing this blog post, well why do I write any blog posts? I’ve had a homepage on the Internet since 1995 something even most large corporations can’t claim.  I’ve only owned for a decade or so, before that my homepage was at the URL remember when URLs had ~’s in them? They’re called teldes. I also remember when URLs and domains similar to were all the rage and people tried to cram as many keywords into a URL as possible using redundant directories?  I even remember when AltaVista was the big search engine and AllTheWeb was the next big thing?

Is social media key?

Over the years I’ve conducted a number of experiments and read a lot of online forums.  I’ve seen SEO techniques come and go.  Now it is a career, or at least more than a cottage industry, it sounds classier if you say online marketing or social media maven, certainly classier than spammer.  That’s right some experts say social media is now the key to search engine optimization.

Remember when just writing stuff people wanted to read was enough to dominate a search term?  Do you remember the earliest sites devoted to your favourite hobby or interests? HyperRust has been online forever, but is no more.  What about the Gates of Fenris anyone remember that website?

I do.

Content is still king

So what does all this have to do with search engine optimization?  Well how do you think I found those hobby and niche sites, via a search engine. And as someone who has maintained a hobby site by hand for a decade or so, I can tell you next big things come and go, but lots and lots and lots of text is forever. Content is still king.

Vanity is popular

Whenever I’m in charge of a website it always does better in search engines than it did before I was in charge of the website. How many of these experts have been monitoring words and phrases for a decade and a half, the same words and phrases for 15 years. No I’m not talking about calves, never blog about calves.  The keywords I’ve been monitoring that long are vanity ones such as Muskie, Muskie McKay, Andrew McKay, Muschamp, McKay, and of course Nurgle.

At some point during my less than successful MBA I was encouraged to write about search engine optimization as I knew more than most anyone at Sauder about how the Internet really worked.  Needless to say I started to do a lot of Googling about the Sauder School of Business and was surprised when the token webpage I put up saying I was accepted to an MBA program ranked in the top 10, sometimes even threatening to be number one. Now over the last half a decade I’ve distanced myself from everything Sauder, but I still rank in the top 10, primarily because I regularly linked to one single webpage and I typed out a lot of crap.

Repetition Still Works

So that’s it the secret to search engine optimization is to regularly link to the same webpage, get other people to link to that webpage, and type out a lot of text. Pictures help too now that Google and the others started indexing them. Video gets expensive to self-host and YouTube seems to have won video hosting, after all Google bought them. Facebook by way of Instagram, has now become a challenger and of course there are Chinese champions, I don’t worry much about optimizing video content. Stick it on YouTube and choose the right tags and titles and people will watch if it doesn’t suck.

People Spread Awesome!

The real point and reason for this post is I continue to watch my keyword referrals and web analytics and someone was reading my old writings on search engine optimization and I realized I really should see how I’m doing for some keywords lately. It is one thing to say you’re monitoring keywords and phrases, it’s another to keep that data private, it is a whole ‘nother thing to list which keywords you care about publicly and who outranks you.

One of the pieces of advice experts always give to job searchers is to look at their online presence, their social media profiles, and what comes up in Google when someone types in your name.  I don’t really think I do badly overall, though if I knew that when April asked to interview me it would become a fixture in my personal Top 10 Google results, I would have dressed better, lost weight, and probably lost the Movember sideburns. My mom never liked them.

Keyword Monitoring

Here are some links to old published HTML tables of the results of keywords I was watching at the time:

Now I’ve done some of those searches in the last five years and so have other people. I just didn’t see the point of continuing that series on search engine optimization. But what if I took a look at all those searches and results again. And since I don’t hand publish new content much anymore I gotta squeeze those HTML tables into WordPress.


I’ve decided to add and/or remove some keywords, but a few will have data points over many years now, I should have graphed them, maybe I will next time I update this now seven year old blog post. The only big change in Nurgle over the last decade was the arrival of the Wikipedia and me choosing to link to it and let it have first place. I just don’t care enough to try and defeat an online encyclopedia.

Keyword Google Ranking Yahoo Ranking Bing Ranking
Plaguemarine 2 2 2
Plague Marine 30 5 5
Plaguemarines 4 3 3
Plague Marines 70 5 5
Chaos Space Marine 2 13 13
Chaos Space Marines 2 10 10
Nurgle 1 9 8
Deathguard 30 82 82
Plaguebearer 5 20 20
Muskie McKay 1 2 2
Andrew McKay Vancouver 5 11 12
McKay Vancouver 100+ 100+ 100+
Muschamp 1 3 3
Andrew Muskie McKay 1 3 3

Leperous the Obese
Are Microsoft and Yahoo search results one and the same now? They seem to be. Yahoo’s online empire really has tanked in the last decade or so. In other news Nurgle’s Nymphs, a porn site, is back in the search results for a term used in a game aimed at kids over 12, but only in Yahoo!

Also it appears I should use my last name more often online. This isn’t really vital when I have Muskie or Muschamp for differentiation, however there are a lot of McKays even Andrew McKays in the world.

Search Engines

Remember Clusty? It must have been one of the next big things back in 2006. I can’t say I’ve used it in years. Maybe I should add IceRocket instead or DuckDuckGo for privacy advocates. It appears search engines no longer want to easily give out how many incoming links a website has. Thanks Spammers!

Search Engine Pages Indexed Search Term Links to Search Term
Ask 200 Muskie
Google 2740
Yahoo 4478 285 link:
MSN 788
Yippy 420 host:””


Images in Google 875
Images in Yahoo 211
Images in Bing 196
Google ranking for “nurgle” image 34 “Nurgle” image
Yahoo ranking for “nurgle” image 100+
Bing ranking for “nurgle” image 100+
Google ranking for “Plaguemarine” image 61 “Plaguemarine” image
Yahoo ranking for “Plaguemarine” image 40 “Plaguemarine” image
Bing ranking for “Plaguemarine” image 40 “Plaguemarine” image
Google ranking for “Plaguebearer” image 6* “Plaguebearer” image
Yahoo ranking for “Plaguebearer” image 17 “Plaguebearer” image
Bing ranking for “Plaguebearer” image 17 “Plaguebearer” image
Google ranking for “Sauder MBA” image 7 “Sauder MBA” image
Yahoo ranking for “Sauder MBA” image 2 “Sauder MBA” image
Bing ranking for “Sauder MBA” image 2 “Sauder MBA” image
Google ranking for “Tsinghua MBA” image 8 “Tsinghua MBA” image
Yahoo ranking for “Tsinghua MBA” image 13 “Tsinghua MBA” image
Bing ranking for “Tsinghua MBA” image 13 “Tsinghua MBA” image

It also appears my anti-hotlinking efforts may have removed a lot of my images from Yahoo/Bing. I still get the odd referral from their image search engine, so some of my content is getting indexed.

*A Russian site seems to have stolen one of my images and is using it as some sort of search engine/phishing scam HOORAY! They also rank higher than me for the term Plaguebearer with an image clearly stolen from me as it is one of the miniatures I’ve painted over the years.

Me and some classmates at Tsinghua University

The data displays acceptably, now I have to do the hard work and hand update it. That’s right I hand check links. Search engines get wise if you rely exclusively on automated tools. Of course they also remember what I personally click and they know my IP and God knows what else, so you may get different results if you run these tests, but it should be reasonably close. Close enough for Muskblog.

Nowadays there are official tools to estimate your ranking for performance in Google and other search engines.

Of course publishing this data and blogging about it may alter the results. Just in case I better include a better picture of Tsinghua University in Beijing China from while I was an MBA student, as the one it is returning isn’t even close to correct.  A case of SEO gone wild for sure.

Perhaps I should include some sort of definitive Nurgle image in this post too, as despite years of work, image search engine results can still be a bit hit or miss for a single keyword phrase.

Don’t Spam!

Yesterday (February 18th 2018) I wasted valuable studying time updating old webpages because of spammers. I’m sure they would prefer to be called online marketers or search engine optimization experts, but they sent me unsolicited bulk email asking me to change decades old webpages to link to articles they just wrote or were in charge of promoting/optimizing/marketing/selling. I’m sure they can justify their actions in their head, but I’ve maintained a homepage too long, had to deal with too much, I’m not some tool sitting by my computer waiting for an email to make the exact change, to the exact webpage, linking to the exact URL that some person I don’t even know wants.

That’s not how the world works.

I’m not the type of blogger who abandons their blog forever, I’m actually very busy with work and my studies. This entire domain was actually down this month due to a server move. I’ve spent way too much time working on this website, it has not been worth it. However, I wanted to prove a point so I updated two very large and very old hand coded HTML files yesterday, but I didn’t link to the articles as requested. However, I did lose valuable studying time and even sleep, so I thought I would help these online marketers out.

The following email addresses:


Sent me emails containing the following sentences:

I was doing research on

and just finished reading your wonderful post:

In that article, I noticed that you cited a solid post that I’ve read in the past:

I just finished writing a guide that is even more detailed, updated and comprehensive on

If you like the guide we’d be humbled if you cited us in your article. Of course, we will also share your article with our 50k newsletter subscribers and followers across our social platforms.

Either way, keep up the great work!

Every email had those exact phrases in them, they were all sent on the same day, that sure seems like spam to meSo I took a closer look, the keywords they are targeting appear to be walking, strength training, and guitars based on the titles of the emails. The webpages they wanted me to update were in some cases 12 years old:

There was another one that was about search engine optimization too, but it used a different template which was slightly less spammy, but contributed to ruining my morning yesterday. Whoever is behind this email template and spamming bloggers picked the wrong blogger to mess with. Not only did I update a lot of old hand coded HTML, I also tweeted out my disdain, none of that was sufficient so I updated yet another blog post showing that SEO may not be a four letter word, but spam is.

If you have thoughts on search engine optimization or spam you can leave them below.


  • Muskie says:

    This post is now ranking in the top ten or at least the top 20 for my name.  Of course I also discovered someone stole my resume and uploaded it some stupid document sharing website which of course probably contains tonnes of material for which the uploader doesn’t have the copyright for.  Surely I have the copyright for my own resume!

    Whoever has the handle sya20756, you suck for stealing 50+ resumes and putting them up on this site where people can’t update them but they get indexed by Google.  Hopefully I’ve put an end to your activities and account.

  • In my opinion, SEO is a best internet marketing technology. It can design for people first, robots second, and A focused website is a SEO friendly website.

    • Muskie says:

      Thanks for stopping by. I got a little tired and frustrated by search engine optimization experts, maybe I should have claimed to be one. Lately I’ve just gotten frustrated with things I can’t control or can’t understand in general. I keep trying to help people, keep trying to do what I think is right, but it doesn’t seem to be a successful formula. It seems I would be better off lying and cheating and deliberately hurting people and taking advantage of them instead of being taken advantage of. Most of all I’m upset that things make me so upset and if all I do is publish a blog or tell a few people I don’t think what is happening is right, is that enough?

      I know one thing, I’m enjoying watching the Criminal Minds DVD I bought. Just wish my life was more settled and less challenging.

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