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Squatting Away My Life

November 10th, 2014
Me in a Squat Rack

I’ve been trying to keep busy, I have applied to so many job postings and of course looked at hundreds more. I’ve resumed studying for the CFA® Program and of course I’ve continued to workout at the gym, including following a squat heavy program that has become en vogue.

I’ve injured my knees and back many, many times over the years so I stopped playing sports and stopped going to the gym and I did rehab type exercises especially for my shoulder for a long long time. Now I still don’t have the greatest range of motion and I need to lose more weight, but I regularly go to the gym. The folks over at Fitocracy and elsewhere online are big on “squat form checks”. I’m not so big on taking pictures of myself let alone video, but I got up at around 5 AM this morning to go to the gym.

5 AM isn’t the least busiest time at the gym, all the super keeners are there, an hour or so after the gym opens is less busy, the super keeners are gone and regular folks are still in bed. I couldn’t get my preferred squat rack and I had trouble keeping myself in frame at first and I had to battle with iMovie a bit, but I did upload a short video of me squatting 275 lbs then 185 lbs. My form is noticeably better at lighter weights, I think I subconsciously stop myself from going as low with more weight on the bar. I am working on my flexibility and mobility, but I need to work on my confidence too.

Confidence definitely helps during the job search. I have two interviews this week, both for contract positions, hopefully one of them pans out because I spent way too much money on rent, food, and cafe mochas during my latest spell of unemployment.

At first I deliberately did not include a featured image to test changes that were necessary to my homepage due to changes made by Pinterest to their RSS feeds. Eventually I switched to a featured image that was neither 192 pixels wide nor a square and my theme + WordPress seems to handle that fine. I’m not sure I wasn’t squished to be shorter and fatter, maybe I was just cropped at the feet and head. Pinterest has switched to 236 pixels wide for the maximum width of a featured image in their RSS feeds, skinnier images are possible. I’m slowly modifying my WordPress theme and posts including resizing all my existing featured images in order for my homepage to be snazzy and shares to work better on Pinterest and Twitter.

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