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May 16th, 2006

Well some of my friends and MBA classmates, a lot more of the latter than probably would admit to it. Note the biggest dot below is Vancouver. Even if you require logins and/or track people with cookies you can’t tell exactly who is surfing your website but you can learn quite a lot. In fact most people are probably not aware of how much information some websites are collecting about them. I have Google Analytics and Mint in addition to my webserver’s logs so I’m learning more and more about who reads

One thing I’ve learned is a lot of people type stupid phrases into search engines. Today someone typed “WHAT TO WRITE IN A VALEDICTORIAN SPEECH” (yes all in capitals), whoever did this shouldn’t have even ran for Valedictorian if they have to rely on Google and someone else’s blog for their speech material.

But that is not why I’m posting. I complained about the New York Times almost completely ignoring the entire Chinese blogosphere in their run down on blogs. Now that I’m no longer there and my exchange classmates have returned to their respective countries, I still get a lot of traffic from mainland China. I don’t even try to write in 中文 or 日本語 anymore. So they must be searching and surfing in English mostly.

A map of where web surfers are according to Google Analytics

The map shows a pretty good account of the major English speaking locations including large cities in non-English speaking countries. China should be considered a major English speaking location, with the hundreds of millions currently studying the language. India seems to be lacking, though the country has over 600 different languages, I believe I just don’t write about topics Indians would be interested in with the exception of MBA programs.

Update December 2015

I eventually wrote a lot about the CFA® program which definitely got attention from India and the Middle East, I get retweeted in Arabic now sometimes. I’m still improving this blog and trying to better leverage all the content to actually help my career. The latest change is returning the tag cloud to the sidebar of the front page of this blog. We shall see if a more optimal taxonomy will help people find this website on the world wide web.


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