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October’s Odder Keyword Referrals

November 1st, 2006

I’m not sure why I keep tracking this, then again I’m not sure why I bother doing anything anymore. I know people keep reading my blog, though how many regular readers I have I’m not sure. Some of my MBA classmates used to read my blog, perhaps some of them still do. No one seems to leave comments except me and the odd person who finds a post through a search engine.

One theory I have is assembling these lists of odd keyword referrals merely leads to more odd keyword referral. Another source of odd keyword referrals are the pages automatically generated by WordPress. As strange as some of my postings are, WordPress’s daily, monthly, and category summaries occasionally show up in Mint instead of individual posts. I’ve even begun to wonder if band names and song titles that appear on the right don’t contribute to my keyword referrals. Right now The Who’s “Magic Bus” is playing which seems pretty safe. Maybe I’ll have to make a special mix in iTunes designed to create havoc with the search engines.

Halloween has resulted in a lot of referrals looking for a particular image and since I never used it in-line until yesterday, I think most websurfers went away disappointed. I think a lot a people who come to through a search engine are disappointed. My nurgle subdomain doesn’t disappoint and occasionally people are really happy with some of the information they find on my website as they write and tell me.

Here’s last month’s finds:

  • 大乳房
  • fish and tits
  • painting rusty swords
  • A clockwork orange’s themes, director’s success
  • guy kawasaki resume
  • how to get a korean girl
  • “I’m so cool you could keep a side of beef in me for a month”
  • how to pronounce leffe
  • downloading porn movie clips illegal in Canada
  • my what big calves you have
  • zach silverman amanda smith
  • “the church was always on the side of the strong”
  • gmat cheating china
  • barbecueing a pork roast
  • things that start with letter a
  • “marlene lau”
  • one picture of a chinese house
  • tea and tits
  • amputee model
  • is it worth doing mba from Sauder School of Business?
  • Phantom of the opera mask high resolution
  • what is the average size of a women biceps
  • “Phantom Of The Rock Opera”
  • you may roll your eyes and nod, but i swear that i saw god; in the moonlight on a side street in the wreckage we call queens. rhett miller lyrics
  • voyeur chinese girl uncategorized
  • crazy chinese woman pictures
  • “I love you. What business”
  • chinese punk chick
  • chinese punk girl
  • �?�美 youtube
  • asian female bodybuilder blog
  • how to paint sunburst effect guitar
  • south asian women with big calves
  • momoyama restaurant calgary
  • japanese sex search engines
  • sfu mba blog
  • big tits high heels mac
  • korean girls starcraft
  • female bodybuilding porn blog
  • legs calves gymnastics girls
  • review of sauder mba
  • TLC the man who steroids
  • “Sour, stingy, depressing beggars who parade around in schoolgirl”
  • resume Accounting bc
  • my mom is a car
  • my calf muscle is too big

Since I’ve collected so many odd keyword referrals I’ve decided to assemple a top ten list. Top ten lists are supposedly really popular in the blogosphere. Again people have come to my website looking for something in YouTube, why not go to YouTube? I’ve never even included a YouTube video on my blog, though I often see them in the RSS feeds of blogs I’m subscribed to.

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