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My top ten blog postings of 2006

December 30th, 2006
Mo Yan

2006 was largely a waste, I finished my MBA but I still haven’t recovered. One thing I did do was write a lot of crap in this blog. Most of it isn’t of interested to anyone or at least very, very, very few people. Sometimes it is better to say nothing than to speak the truth. However, the truth doesn’t go away just because no one speaks it.

It is now over a decade later and all ten of these blog postings remain online. I’ve updated and deleted a lot of blog postings as whatever purpose they served was dubious, now I need to try and leverage this blog more as my post-MBA career has still not taken off.

Mo Yan wrote:

Facts are superior to eloquence, and lies cannot cover up facts.

Mo Yan knows a thing or two about speaking out and the fear of doing so, after all his nom de plume is “Don’t Speak“.

I’m always quoting this or that and I usually end up back at a select group of writers, poets, and songwriters. I’m sure some quotations will turn up in my top ten blog postings of the year. I tried to choose pieces that would be of interest to as general an audience as possible. Sometimes I’m writing to a very small and specific group of people. Here in my opinion are the ten best blog posting I wrote in 2006:

I’m not sure if my blog peaked in 2006, but I did manage to write many memorable blog postings, but I never managed to blog my way to a better career. So I’m once again updating and improving old blog posts. I suggest you read some of the posts above rather than leave comments below.


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