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Blogging, Vancouver, and Google Oh My!

November 3rd, 2011
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I’ve been at the blogging game since 2005.  I’ve made over one thousand posts though not all at this domain which is a bit chaotic. I’ve started niche blogs and have done some guest blogging But none of this has resulted in world wide fame, it hasn’t helped my career, in fact many people claim the opposite that my honesty online has hurt my career. This post isn’t about all that, I’m finished writing about that period of my life and the people who made me miserable.

Another Google Algorithm Update

Google has apparently released a major algorithm update. What they have done is give greater priority to the timeliness of web pages. Blog postings and social media in general is extremely timely. This increased emphasis on timeliness is causing rejoicing among some bloggers as their pageviews and online influence may increase. Recently I’ve gotten a bunch of comments left on a post about my experience updating to Mac OS X Lion, maybe that is evidence of this algorithm change.

Vancouver’s Digerati

Recently there was an interview with one of the more infamous Vancouver area bloggers Raul Pacheco-Vega who is better known by his Twitter handle @hummingbird604. Given I’ve maintained a webpage online longer than most corporations, have various degrees, and experience managing and monitoring social media for an organization you’d think I could parlay that into a job, but I haven’t had any interviews lately so when there is big news about Vancouver, blogging, and how search engines are giving greater priority to the timely postings of individuals, to such an extent that corporations and PR agencies are taking notice and reaching out to bloggers, I have to ask what about me?

The State of Blogosphere

Venture Beat wrote about the state of the blogosphere in 2011. But now it is 2019 and I’ve undertaken the most extensive overhaul in the history of this blog. Previously I’ve had to edit every post to add tags then again to have custom excerpts then a third time for featured images. In 2019 I made even more extensive edits to every post and category to try and improve the overall Quality and to better leverage this blog in my career. The entire time I’ve been a blogger I’ve struggled. Do not trust everyone who claims to be an expert online.

In fact in 2019 I’ve discovered a number of experts that I’ve linked to even saw present have not bothered to maintain their blog as long as I have and they probably haven’t put as much work into quality control. Will I ever see a positive ROI from all this effort? I doubt it. But if you have thoughts on the current state of the blogosphere and Google’s algorithm you can leave them below.

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