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January 1st, 2016
Nurgle Plaguemarine

Once I maintained the most popular Nurgle webpage on the Internet. I spent considerable time and effort updating it and fending off challenges from the Wikipedia, pornographers, and online haters. Looking over my year end analytics it was saddening to see no Nurgle anywhere near the Top 10. It is true I have little time for the hobby of miniature painting or Warhammer 40,000 and my models are far away and in storage but there is a lot of existing content I can highlight.

If you are asking yourself, what is Nurgle? I thought of creating a webpage answering that question long ago.

More Nurgle Blog Posts

My Nurgle Landraider

  1. Painted Nurgle Forgeworld Dreadnought
  2. Painted Nurgle Miniatures
  3. Painted Nurgle Chaos Lord

One reason for the lack of new Nurgle content on Muskblog is I started up a dedicated miniature painting blog on

  1. Top 5 Plaguemarines of All Time
  2. Finished Painting 3 Nurgle Models
  3. Re-based Beasts of Nurgle
  4. 3 Finished Plaguebearers
  5. Painted Servant of Decay Test Figure

Painting Advice

Want more miniature painting advice? Have I got the collection of links for you, including:

But wait you want more pictures of painted miniatures, collected and curated and easily shareable over social media. Well have you heard of Pinterest, I maintain a very popular collection of cool painted miniatures on that website.

For my own personal collection of painted miniatures I prefer Flickr. I really should take some newer better photos of some of my old models. I of course can easily share my photos on Flickr to this blog, but before I do here is all the battle reports I’ve typed up involving this army. None of them are for the current edition of the Warhammer 40,000 rules.

Old School Chaos Terminator LordLeperous the Obese

Plaguemarine Champion made with Forgeworld bitsHorde of 40 Nugle Plaguebearers

All the Nurgle Terminators I rebasedClassic Nurgle Renegades

If you have any thoughts on Nurgle or Warhammer 40,000 you can leave them below. I did buy the current Codex but as I am once again looking for a new job, hobbies are not a priority even though I finally passed all three CFA® exams.

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