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January 18th, 2006
Chun Li

While trying to look up the mei in mei wan ti I came across an expression in my computer’s dictionary which means strong and beautiful. I noted it down as I often do. I write down a lot of Chinese and Japanese but that doesn’t mean I learn it.

Anyway while walking to buy a notebook in which to write Chinese characters, I thought 健美, strong and beautiful that would make a great name for a website featuring pictures of attractive and athletic Asian females.

Although I do need a job and I have the expertise to set up such a website and the domain is available. I don’t want adult webmaster to be my next job title. And although many people do come to my blog looking for unusual pictures. Large enough to cover the cost of hosting and domain registration undoubtedly. Large enough to derive a good income I don’t know.

Before I run off to do the research and write the business plan and all that crap I learned how to do during my MBA, I decided to make it a category in my blog instead. I like categories and for those who find strong Asian women attractive, this category will be a boon.

However as the category itself is written in 汉字 perhaps this will go unread, but it is the thought that counts. Plus I want to see if WordPress can handle categories named in non-Latin character sets.

Update May 2015

This post and category may have been ill advised, eventually it was turned into a tag likely when I redid my taxonomy. I have gone through a lot of personal difficulties and health problems stemming from my MBA.

My inability to be dishonest or even to completely bite my tongue off is why I stopped blogging and why I took down hundreds of blog posts, but this one still remains, so I will now use it to link to an article in Chinese about one of the trainers at my gym in Shanghai. It is on some Chinese mobile-first social media website, but it got sent to me by staff at California Fitness so I am lending my meagre Googlejuice to the cause.

People prefer pictures, blogging is losing to the walled garden of Facebook and the brevity of Twitter and Weibo. Angel Fang has a Weibo account and it is possible though difficult to “pin” from it. Who knows my photos may again be on Chinese social media, people steal images and selfie poses from my WeChat profile and definitely from this blog. My Chinese is not good enough for Weibo, but I can handle WeChat that app is fully in English.

Pinterest has made it difficult to embed a pin on a website. I’m not the only one to notice and complain, so if you want to see fit, Asian, women you can go to they gym (preferably in Asia). If that is too much work you can just be a voyeur on social media, Weibo may also be too hard for you. Instagram is the social network for the illiterate and hashtag obsessed. I prefer Pinterest, it seems classier now if only they stopped breaking everyone’s embedded pins.

I ended up living and working in China for several years. I went to the gym a lot around even more studying for the CFA® exams. I ended up wearing out my knee, now I’m back in Canada. I definitely need a new job and to lose weight and I still do not have the slim, fit, amazing Chinese girlfriend, so if you know any you can leave a comment below.


  • Muskie says:

    Someone with way too much time on their hands set up this:

    However they have no text for Google to index, so since this post is still some what popular I direct the disappointed to that website for their “muscular babes” fix… 

  • “?美女人” does not exist as a ccompund in Chinese or Japanese. However, I added it because its meaning is recognizable as “athetic woman” and it is reasonably understandable across the Japanese and Chinese languages. Giving ccredit where credit is due, I was turned on to the “?美” compound from your blog. “女人” simply means female, and it is not used colloqially too much in Japanese, although its meaning is well understood. Given that I am not en expert in CHinese or Jpanese, I am not out to corner that market– poeple in those countries who are really interested in the topic of fit asian females will hopefully come across asianfitnessblog one way or another. I think the compound above is too generalised to generate a specific result.

    I agree with you, some sort of katakana slang would be better for Japanese, but I don’t really view as an exercise is search engine optimization. If people visit it, it will rank where it needs to rank in the search engine stats. If I wanted to generate tons of revenue and hits, I would not create a page devoted to muscular asian women. I simply want to cover the cost of the domain, and provide an outlet for my personal interest. Maybe I will develop some keen intuition on becoming “number 1” in the search engines, but if not, I am fine with it.

  • Muskie says:

    I see on my WordPress Dashboard you’ve added the following Chinese characters to your blog title:


    I’m no Tian but I can use a dictionary unlike some of the people he blogs about. The first two characters are jian mei which means strong and beautiful in Chinese which when I chanced across it in my dictionary I blogged about. The last two characters are woman + person in both Chinese and Japanese, probably Korean and Vietnamese too.

    The first character ? is common in Japanese, as is 美 but the combination didn’t show up in my computer’s dictionary but it isn’t infalliable. They are basically health and beauty in Japanese Babelfish translates it from Chinese as:

    Healthy woman

    and from Japanese as:

    Health beauty person

    In Japanese you might be better off with some slang, the Japanese seem to have a slang word for everything. These are often only represented in hiragana or katakana. Chinese funnily enough always uses Chinese characters and on the mainland at least the language is regulated though some private citizens sometimes coin new words or ideas using imaginative combinations of characters. I remember when I searched Google and Baidu, real Chinese people used jianmei to describe athletic women, so apparently my intuition wasn’t bad.

    Good luck with your site, I have no problem with you becoming more famous than me after all you’re specializing, Google seems to like some of my blog postings though…

    I don’t know what to do anymore.

    You’re not currently number one in either Google or Baidu for the combination of these four characters, so you need to do some work. ;-)

  • is just testing the water. I know I am not the only person who appreciates an athletic Asian female physique, so I thought I would start the blog. I am not interested in cornering any internet markets– I just want to provide a place on the internet for fans and supporters of athletic Asian women. It is hard to get information on Asian female bodybuilders like Kim Keum Soon, and how many people have heard of the Cambodian-American figure competitor Yvonne Bates? Instead of keeping my interest in fit Asian women to myself, I thought a blog might be the best way to aggregate the disparate information out there on a topic that interests me quite deeply.

    I added the thanks in the post about Cao Xin-Li because I believe in giving credit where credit is due. Hopefully I do not fall into the “opportunist” category as mentioned by the cynical theUglyChineseCdn.

    All the best,

    A Fan

  • Muskie says:

    I don’t see the value to to anyone other than me. I mean it is a nickname someone (many someones) gave me long ago. It isn’t really about anything other than me and my interests. If anything there are probably more people who want my blog to disappear than to see it prosper.

    I’ve given up writing new postings again, maybe I’ll restart someday, but not anytime soon. I do some maintenance, maintain some quality control, but there is more than enough material online for people to read.

  • You know Muskie, this world is full of opportunists. That’s why some bozo registered your domain “” He/She is trying to cash in on someone else’s hardwork and effort. That’s why I decided over a month ago to register my domain after having it work as a subdirectory on my website.

    As much as I have experienced life and have been screwed over more times than I wish to remember, I still have a positive overview of humanity. And you know, life does have a way of evening the score out.

    For example, I had built this nice firm a number of years ago, when this old classmate of mine comes knocking on the door. He talks me into forming a partnership with him, with stories of business contracts and “good old times”…then shortly after I ink the partnership, I discover the guy is in serious debt and going into bankruptcy…along with years of unpaid taxes(!). Our firm carries him for a few years … and the make matters worst, he brings along all his third rate contacts and ethically challenged business associates and begins to inflate his ego.

    Needless to say, along with a number of good staff, we left the firm we had built.

    And then late one year, we read in the papers that Revenue Canada nailed him. So there is a God after all. ;)

  • Muskie says:

    Well it was bound to happen, someone started a website devoted to fit and muscular Asian women. It wasn’t me. I might never have found out about it if they hadn’t linked to me and thanked me for displaying certain Chinese characters. The guy (it must be a guy ;-) ) chose for his domain which sounds pretty tame, but one look at the site’s title and banner leaves little doubt that the site won’t be offering too many exercise tips.

    He never used some domain sitter might have it now, I know I was surprised to learn someone registered!

    Tetsumi’s Salon seems to be still in business though it is more of a forum, they know about each other as when I followed on to the new URL, there was an announcement about the very site that linked to me.

    Although I may have had something of an early lead, I’ll let this new guy corner the market. I predict there will be more and more fit Asian women in the world, and thus on the internet. I’m sure a diligent individual could find something to blog about on a weekly basis. Daily is really unnecessary, quality counts for more than quantity, most of the time.

  • Muskie says:

    While eating lunch with my mom, we watched some women’s tennis at a local pub. Li Na, one of China’s best female tennis players aparently, lost and on a whim I Googled her when we returned home and stumbled upon which isn’t an adult oriented site. I think it is the official website of the All China Women’s Federation, but it is in English, at least it can be in English. Of even more interested to readers of this blog and in particularly this category there is a section on Sportswomen, which has articles about China’s top female athletes.

  • Muskie says:

    I added a comment to my definitive post about calves. I probably shouldn’t have done that. I probably shouldn’t have gone through all the effort to make that post in the first place, but sometimes you need a distraction.

    I’m also too honest.

    The other day on the internet I read about Joan Liew, who among other things sets up and runs businesses in Asia and holds a B. Comm in Marketing. So I put her name into Google and found Tetsumi’s Salon. Then I updated my blog.

    Sometimes things snowball out of control. One thing leads to another and though you try to be honest and do the right thing, things don’t work out. It doesn’t mean they can’t eventually get better.

    While poking around Tetsumi’s Salon I discovered that Cao Xin Li (曹新丽) is a famous Chinese bodybuilder who must have recently come to the States and put in a guest appearance at the Olympia. The Olympia is the biggest bodybuilding event in the world. She went to university in Beijing at the Beijing Sports University or 北京体育大学. I’m not too familiar with that school but it looks like they have a decent gym. Although it appears geared towards the studying of physical education, kenisiology, or even Wushu. You can also study English and even Chinese there. It is in the Northwestern corner of Beijing near the summer palace. One place I didn’t visit while I was in Beijing.

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