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June 30th, 2007

I’m not going to let a little something like needing to look for a new job, stop me from updating my blog, to paraphrase High Fidelity “If you really wanted to hurt me, you needed to get to me sooner.”

As always, someone actually typed all these into a search engine, furthermore they then clicked on the results taking them to I then noticed and cut and pasted them from Mint to a text file from which I selected the more amusing, mockable, and sometimes disturbing to include for the amusement of all three of my readers.

I changed the format again, because I thought it would be funnier this way.

conan obrien yearly income

This was the first one I noted down this month, it must be a result of a combination of more than one posting being summarized by WordPress on the same page, that and these collections, just leads to more odd keyword referrals.

how to paint paint death guard

Maybe it will piss off some people over at if they learn people actually come to my website to learn how to paint.

sex video in monastery

This has to be one of the strangest keyword referrals I’ve gotten yet, certainly a contender for the top ten. For the record there are no videos of people having sex on, certainly not in a monastery.

nightclub girl with big calves

Women with big calves must be everywhere nowadays. I think it is the increased participation in sports and the changes in diet, more meat, more additives, more chemicals, people are taller nowadays and Muskblog has proven their calves are bigger too. In the 1800s, muscular calves were in for men, they wore special pants to show them off. Maybe it was the 1700s, anyway, in the past.

Werner Herzog on Stanley Kubrick

I’m actually proud of this one, it is definitely a result of me making one of my film study papers available online for people to steal.


No I don’t have syphilis. No I’ve never blogged about syphilis. But I’m seeing an increase in one word referrals this combined with increased spammer activity leads me to believe in some small way my website is more popular now.

calf size breast size

I wish I could say it was my posting on Big Bells that got this keyword referral, but I doubt it. I don’t keep track of that information, maybe I should but that would require using Excel and would just make it more work.


I don’t get many keyword referrals in a foreign language, so when I do, I usually take note. According to my computers dictionary this means “Chinese-style dress, cheongsam” which leads me to think it is to do with this page from my MBA gallery.

tall, muscular girls with big tits

This is a very specific search term, and I can honestly say their are no tall, muscular girls with big tits in my life, nor can I ever recall there ever being any. I’m sure I would remember if there were, I have a pretty good memory. Right now I’d like to get to know better a wee Chinese lass who goes to my gym. Maybe that keyword phrase will be in next month’s referrals.

franz kafka, “people+walking+across+the+dark+bridges

This is another one I can take some pride in. It definitely refers to my collection of quotations.

do men like girls with muscular calves

Some men definitely do. They sure Google about it often enough. I personally believe in moderation rather than pure obsession with size, but I don’t mind more than a little muscle tone.

most important punches for street fighting

It appears some misguided people are looking for advice on actual street fighting techniques on my website, personally I stick to video games.

brazilian mma fighter vampire

This also has to be among the strangest keyword referrals in a while. I’m pretty sure vampires are not real, they certainly aren’t making a living as professional MMA fighters as biting is not allowed.


If one word referrals are the most difficult to achieve, how difficult is it to achieve a single letter referral? I know Q is a character on StarTrek but I’m pretty sure I haven’t written much on StarTrek. This is an odd one.

kresila muscles

Is a result of me writing for the nth time about muscular Asian women. Someone actually started an entire website devoted to that topic, and I ceded my crown to him, but perhaps Google has other plans.

montgomery burns there are three evils you must slay

This was a quotation I used in my MBA class souvenir DVD entry. I’ve never actually seen the souvenir DVD, I missed out on a lot of things during my MBA.

Turbonegro hoodie

One of my roommates really likes hoodies, so I told her people were always coming to my website looking for Turbonegro hoodies, here is proof.

Gary Lau MBA

Gary was one of my MBA classmates I was closest to. He was one of the Laus. He actually wrote about the last six months or so of his MBA on a blog. He then stopped blogging, he stopped doing a few other things too.

irene leung marlene lau

Two of my Sauder MBA Classmates whom I trusted. One repeatedly insisted she was my friend, the other, after the worst day of my life assured me she would do anything she could to help. I haven’t heard from either of them in over two years. I told them the truth, I still don’t understand why they deliberately chose to hurt me.

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