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New Mac

January 31st, 2010
My recreation of the sad mac icon

I wanted a new Mac, but I didn’t really have the money, so I upgraded my old laptop’s hard drive. Then on Wednesday this week, just after being admired for it’s size or lackof, the 12″ PowerBook up and died. I took it to Simply Computing and sure enough it needed a new logic board.

I’d rather spend $1299 on a new computer than $800 upgrading one that is an evolutionary dead end. $1299 is not the final price though. I bought three years of AppleCare, which didn’t register correctly. I also got an external harddrive enclosure so I could get the info off and continue to use the 2.5″ 240Gb drive.

All went well, though I fell asleep listening to Lucinda Williams and waiting for things to install/upgrade. I also needed to install Rosetta from the DVD to use my older Mac software such as Microsoft Word which is the 2003 version I think.

Anyway it is certainly bright and shiny. The backlit keyboard is pretty nice. I wonder how long before the sweat in my hands eats into the aluminum again? It has a higher resolution and a bigger screen, also I think it has a wider screen ratio. I never really got to shop much, it was either this or the cheaper MacBook. Not having a laptop and using a PC at work weren’t valid options.

I have FireWire 800 now but I need an adapter as I don’t think I have any devices that use it. A lot of my accessories such as extra power adapters won’t work, but the extension cord does. I’m still curious about video out. I had all the adapters for the old laptop, but this one I think I have to buy all new adapters…

Deja Vu All Over Again

It is February 2018 and this once new laptop overheated in my bag and I am again in a cafe in China with a dying Apple laptop. It has been dying for a long time. The battery needed replacing but I took it to an Apple store in Shanghai where I am living and they would not replace it as the laptop dates from Mid 2009 according to the system info.  I was told to get a third party to replace the battery but I decided to wait and see if I could make it through the CFA Level 2 exam and find a new job.

I passed the Level 2 CFA exam but despite months of looking have not found a new job and I assure you I’ve written about 1700 cover letters since finishing my MBA. Now I think I will see if I can get a third party to replace the battery, but I really need a new job and a new laptop. I also need to stop updating old blog posts and study, but my life is full of difficulties.


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