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1000th Blog Post

February 13th, 2012
1000 Dollar Bill

I’ve actually written more than one thousand blog postings, but many have been removed and some were posted elsewhere. I added a WordPress blog to during my MBA. I was encouraged to do so by recruiters and my MBA classmates, I guess they found me amusing or they took some pleasure from my misadventures.

To start 2019 I undertook a massive overhaul of this blog. As a result of this and previous attempts to edit and improve the Quality of this blog I’ve ended up deleting over a third of my posts. I’d like to think I got rid of the bottom third. However in 2022 I deleted yet more as some people seem to take amusement in other people’s suffering. And then in 2024 I decided to redo my taxonomy and think it is once again time to delete more blog posts.

Some people seem to think that blogging or social media is all good, all the time. Alas many people other than me have had negative experiences sharing their thoughts and life online with friends, family, and of course strangers. Some people have inadvertently made public something they wanted kept private. Others have posted some tidbits in passing that has later landed them in hot water with their employer or mate. I’m well aware of the of the dangers of electronic communication.

90% of Everything is Crap

It has been proven mathematically. That still leaves 100 posts that are worth reading. I’ve already posted enough Top Ten lists. So rather than follow that formula, here are some bullet points to consider:

Now Some More Quotations

William Blake:

If the fool would persist in his folly he would become wise.

Blake again:

You never know what is enough unless you know what is more than enough.

If you have any thoughts on blogging specifically the return on investment from blogging you can leave them below.


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